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Trading Crypto/Bonds

Trade ETFs

ETFs, or Exchange-traded funds, are a fast-growing segment of the stock market. Many traders and investors have embraced their versatility, diversification, and ease of use in their investment strategies. If you like to trade stocks, ETFs offer the flexibility to buy and sell shares quickly.

Trading Mutual Funds

ifxtradingmarket has one of the largest Mutual Fund Marketplaces, with funds from Allianz, American Funds, BlackRock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Invesco, MFS, PIMCO and many others. In addition, the Marketplace is neutral – there is no conflict of interest as we don’t offer proprietary funds.

  • 40,000+ funds from 400 fund families
  • 7,700+ with no transaction fees
  • Available to residents worldwide

Advantages of Trading Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds can provide you with a great way to diversify your portfolio.

  • Deep selection of Mutual Funds. Choose among more than 2,000 mutual funds.
  • Expertise. Invest with well-known fund managers and benefit from their experience.
  • Diversification. Look to mutual funds to diversify your portfolio and manage risk.

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